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Sun-Kissed Passionfruit Bliss

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image of Sun-kissed Passionfruit Bliss herbal and rooibos tea blend.
Sun-kissed passionfruit bliss rooibos herbal blend tea.
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image of Sun-kissed Passionfruit Bliss herbal and rooibos tea blend.
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Introducing our newest addition, the Sun-Kissed Passionfruit Bliss. This enticing fusion blends the finest green rooibos with a vibrant splash of passionfruit and a twist of lime. The resulting brew is brimming with flavour, promising a tantalising taste experience. As delightful to the eye as to the palate, the tea steeping in your cup reveals a delicate orange hue, reminiscent of a sun-touched evening sky.

Crafted with health in mind, Sun-Kissed Passionfruit Bliss boasts a remarkable polyphenol count and an abundant load of antioxidants, courtesy of the high-quality green rooibos. A sip of this tea is not just a pleasure; it's a bold step towards wellness! Green rooibos is hailed for its rich health benefits, and in this exciting blend, we capture its full potential.

Unleash the magic of each ingredient, let your senses embark on a delightful journey, and get ready to be captivated. Take a moment, brew a cup, and let the new Sun-Kissed Passionfruit Bliss surprise you. Dive into this exciting blend and stake your claim on health and delight today.

Contains: green rooibos, apple, papaya, carrot, white hibiscus, beetroot, lime, passionfruit, banana purée, natural flavour.


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